Rangiroa, legendary lagoon

Rangiroa, legendary lagoon

The island of the Tuamotu Archipelago enjoys an international reputation among divers and is one of the largest atolls in the world.

Rangiroa means "endless sky" in Polynesian, and the lagoon seems equally unlimited. 80km long and 32km wide, it is considered one of the very best spots to come across aquatic life. Whatever your level of diving, you will encounter a thousand and one wonders to explore underwater, whether with an oxygen tank or simply with flippers, mask and snorkel. It justly deserves its reputation as a "paradise for divers".

The Tiputa and Avatoru passes, which cut through the barrier reef and the reef slopes in particular are home to an absolutely extraordinary flora and fauna, with a wealth of colours and unique shapes. Dolphins, hammerhead sharks, rays, surgeon and napoleon fish, barracudas, turtles… Pinch yourself: this is not a dream.