Le Comptoir Général, exotic and activist bar

cocktail bar - unexpected
Le Comptoir Général, exotic and activist bar

It is almost vacation time on the Canal Saint-Martin since Le Comptoir Général transformed an old barn into an alternative hotspot with a tropical atmosphere.

With its off-the-wall decoration that looks straight out of a movie, Le Comptoir Général will assuredly surprise non-regulars. Its retro furniture and tropical atmosphere of dozens of plants and trees scattered here and there are mixed with bird feathers, stuffed animals, witchcraft items and even a few skeletons… On ground floor, look for palm trees, an aquarium-bar and deck chairs. As for the mezzanine, Northern Africa shows its colours bright and clear. Alternately, you may just choose to sip on a Secousse (homemade cocktail with vodka, cucumber, hibiscus and passion fruit – to be enjoyed in moderation) on the patio, reminiscent of Provence villages with its ochre walls and central fountain.

A truly alternative location, Le Comptoir Général wears its ecological activist flag high. It regularly offers conferences and screenings of socially committed documentaries. On Sunday, you may even bring the kids along for a family brunch and workshops destined for small children.

Le Comptoir Général
80, quai de Jemmapes
75010 Paris

+33 (0)1 44 88 24 48


Menu: cocktails from 8 EUR