Explore Stanley Park by bike

Explore Stanley Park by bike

The city's 400-hectare park is as large as the downtown area, and highly appreciated. Hop on a bicycle and take a tour.

With giant pine trees, paths, kiosks, pools, sculptures, wildlife, and a panoramic view of the skyline of Vancouver, Stanley Park, at the western tip of the peninsula, is the pride of Vancouver. You can take the seawall, a nine-kilometre route encompassing the most beautiful views including Brockton Point and its lighthouse, Prospect Point at the edge of the Lions Gate Bridge (inspired by San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge) and Siwash Rock, the sacred rock of the Squamish First Nation people. If you make the journey in one go, it only takes an hour, but you'd better book a half-day to take full advantage. At the entrance to the park you can admire the famous colourful totem poles of the First Nations peoples and stop in at the aquarium to see the orcas. Take a break at Third Beach for a dip in the ocean. Finish the ride at English Bay and take in the sunset from one of the cafés overlooking the most beautiful beaches in Vancouver's West End.

Stanley Park
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